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Are your home interiors positive energy compliant?

It’s not just the 4 walls of the house that makes it your home. It is the atmosphere and ambience you create within those walls the energy, the environment that dwells in your heart. While, having the architectural position of the main door, the kitchen window, the locker location properly placed as per “vaastu”.

The new generation, is not about the rules and regulations of religious beliefs (no offense to those who believe and follow) but majority are more into positive energy. It is more about getting that positive vibe, when you leave home for work in the morning, the good positive feeling when you return after a long day of work. It is believed that colors do play a major role in emitting positive energy or, just a placing certain furniture in a certain way.

It is a growing trend to keep wind chimes at certain windows, while keeping certain show pieces and not painting walls of a particular color. Now, while my colleague believes that yellow color in the wall at the entrance of her home emits positive energy to her family and the people who visit her home. My friend believes purple is lucky as per her star sign. I have found that different people have different needs, beliefs and each need to be prioritized and respected.

While colors work for some, for others it is more about the furniture placement along with combining different styles of furniture that is urban latest. On a recent stay at a holiday home, I fell in love with the way the place was styled – so chic, urban and yet had that gentle emit of classic, rustic look. I kept thinking the entire time it was the combination of old and new that gives this place classy, comfy yet urban modern look. During a brunch conversation with the owner, my curiosity got me a very interesting topic to do a bit of research on. The 70’s style wooden chairs in the portico, the early 1900’s wall light fixtures in the bedroom, the rose wood cupboards  polished and shining. You could tell they were a few decade old but classic designs. The bed, the dresser, the flooring everything looked very up to date and urban. The owner had mentioned that it was her way of keeping positivity by not getting rid of the furniture, light fixtures of the older generation. Of course, not every item will stay beyond a certain time but what can be retained. It was more about the Mix ‘n’ Match of classic style with the urban.

At Flapto, its these needs and beliefs that are given a heeding ear and we respect and make sure that whatever style helps bring positivity in your homes. Our experts will do that for you interiors.