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Interior Design Project

Managing your family space and your home is not only about having a beautiful decoration, the interior decoration is about a science that will make you make the most of your space in a harmonious way. Feeling good at home is crucial so the importance of interior decoration is growing and as such hiring a professional to manage the interior decoration of your home is something to keep in mind if you are thinking about buying a new house or proceed to the interior remodeling of your current one.

An interior professional or an architect does decoration through the well-dosed blend of elements. With this it is possible to create environments that are more than simply beautiful. Today, every environment should be enjoyed to the fullest. It is necessary to find the best relationship between design, comfort and practicality. This mission of an interior professional as per an architect who does decoration.

To create an ideal environment, the designer will also serve other indispensable devices, such as lighting design, color planning used in the environment, the most appropriate choice of furniture, accessories and decorative objects, all according to the style and with the client’s budget. There, the physical changes of the spaces, the changes of walls, the adjustments of electric and hydraulic, and so on take place. It is important to understand elements such as size and proportion of furniture, shapes and coatings, colors, fabrics, fibers, textures and lighting.

It is the coordinated combination of all these points that will promote different sensations. A good interior design project can completely change a property according to the needs of the resident. And it is in this power that lies the importance of decoration.

It is important to ally the taste of the resident to their real needs so it is important to hire an Interior Design project. What the customer wants is not always what he needs. Therefore, the designer will listen and understand the family that will live in the residence, combining aesthetic, functional and economic factors, with optimal use of spaces.

Importance of Interior Design

Interior design plays a key role in its functionalities and is given attention all over the world. It brings you in touch with beauty, relaxation and modernism and allows a person to learn about the space and making things around them look in an open minded view. It is getting unique importance as people are looking for more stylish and attractive designs. Interior design is much more than it may seem at first glance. It’s not just about choosing colours, lighting, and furniture as it is also about improving their way of living. “Don’t renovate space, transform them”, transforming the place with good designs is a better idea then renovating as it can be costly.

Hiring a designer’s gain helpful information due to their studies, work atmosphere, creative thinking, complete the task in a much smaller amount of time and they give special attention to details. They are trained to help clients choose designs according to their lifestyle and are capable of transforming a tiny apartment into a cosy residence with enough space by making the right choice about design. They look through all the details right from small to big, such as interior elevations, lighting plans, furniture plans, material specifications, cost effective fixtures, “time is money” savings and schedules are all equally important. The best interior designers are really expensive; it’s still cheaper then tearing down the walls or building the new ones. These are few important aspects of interior designing

Balance: The word itself tells us that the objects in a room should have balanced arrangement. Too many objects in a single place will make it look unbalanced. The designers consider use of radial, symmetric or asymmetric balance while designing.

Emphasis: Refers to the focal point. This is very important as it naturally draws attention and a room can have more than one area of emphasis depending on the use.

Unity: Making use of a similar element throughout the space. You could probably repeat patters, colour or wall papers. There must be unity between everything in the room which gives a real purpose for being there.

Things your designer must know about your bedroom

Thinking of designing your place based on your choices/wish?? The reason can be many, probably not satisfied with the current designs of your room or it’s become boring with time. Everyone concentrates on how to make the living room look better, while on the other hand designing the bedroom also becomes very important.

If you have no idea of how it has to be done, one can always hire a designer and tell them about the way it should be. When you designing the bedroom with help of a designer, they will focus on prior areas of project such as   circulation, furniture arrangement, lightings, location of windows for enough ventilation and views

  • Make a wish list: It’s important that you make a list of everything you want and the way you want it to be, that would make it easier for the designer to know what you looking for. The list can include things like the room colour, lightings, photos, mirror and so on and you can also try fitting in some small furniture’s like an armchair. If you’re a fan of antic pieces, you could add that to.
  • Priorities: Your wish list might contain a lot of things; obvious that you can’t fit in everything. In such a situation, go with your budget. The budget planning has to be done in the beginning along with designer.
  • Furniture and fittings: When we talk about bedroom furniture’s, we all know that bed is must and we have to work on the rest. Night stand, enough lighting, a study table, arm chairs and vase these are few things which you could use. Placing them in the right place where they fit in the room.
  • Style: Who doesn’t want to live in a stylish place? Remember that bed being the main furniture of the room, bedding should be a dominant feature, you can opt a designer one. The bedspreads, curtains, carpets, pillows etc are small things, yet create a large difference.



Admiring Interior Designing Images

I have always found people sitting in salons, receptions of doctors, dentists and offices in general reading a magazine, but pause to admire the page with beautiful interiors. It’s human nature to admire, appreciate and desire to have and live in a home where the interiors just match up to your desire.

The best part of working on the interiors of your home is that you can start at any time and it does not have to be the entire house. Although, if you are moving into a new home you might want to work on the interiors of the whole house before you move in. But in general for most of us it is about just working on a wall to one room at a time. At times it simply comes down to just painting the interior walls with the excuse of cleaning or festivities.

With the growth in tech industry that is enhancing easiness to almost every aspect of human life, home interiors could not be very far. With the new tech gadgets that are available in the market all the way from making kitchen life easier and quick to helping out with the daily running at home.

Some of my personal favourites are the smart kitchen, the temperature control on your phone the light dimmer. The days of having open switch boards are more seemly of a decade old. It’s now about safer homes with technology used to control lights and switches. Of course, with this one does not have to worry about baby proofing the house. The soft toys with the nanny cam to keep an eye on your child and the way they are being taken care. The automated curtain drawer which can be synched with your alarm clock can be a great way to keep you consistent for your workout regime. After all, with the sun shining bright in your face it can get difficult to fall asleep again.

With these simple home gadgets becoming a part of our daily lifestyle, I did realise that they still blend in to the mesmerising beauty of your home interiors straight from your living room to kitchen to bedroom including your child’s room with baby monitors. Must say these gadgets not only make life comfortable and easy but also add to the sense of style with a new age touch.

The Themed Interior Choice

When, we design interiors for our homes, we do not go with a theme that say, it should be Indian folk style, Scandinavian or French Country style. There can be several reasons for it, to begin with it is hard to maintain and if the entire house has that theme, it can get quite boring to live in after a while. You don’t feel the need to have that scenic perfection that tends to fade, as if you are constantly living in a hotel. No doubt, these themed interiors do have a certain appealing effect on us. There are certain restaurants we often tend to visit not just because of good food, but mostly because the interiors are comfortable, classy, everything is proper and meticulously kept to perfection with the theme. It’s this artistic work that plays on the human psychology and gives a good feeling. Just like a vacation, everything about the hotel room or the holiday home that was perfect and you had a wonderful time.

Themed homes can be difficult to maintain and have a monotonous effect on us. Although, we don’t go with specific themes, what makes home interiors fun, special and exciting is that to our sub conscious mind it is all themed in a certain way. It can be contemporary, traditional, modern, but in gestures of maybe just a wall in the living room or a bedroom.

Our Kitchens can have a certain theme, but there are always going to be more cutleries and kitchenware that do not blend in but needed. So, in this journey of creating something new, perhaps with a theme in mind that can give your home a refreshing look for a longer time.

It comes with small steps- it can be your balcony, you can have the Tuscan themed balcony. It sure will add as an excellent feature to your home. You can create the French Country Style theme bedroom wall that has soft colour with portraits or painting above the headboard or a popular favourite now is the black and white contemporary styled His ‘n’ Her bathrooms. Each one has its own theme and yet, there is a truth to the individuality to the interiors of your house that has been crafted into your home.

So, if you are looking for a refreshing touch to the interiors of your home, try this trend of themed walls. It might just be what you are looking for.