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Contemporary Interior Designing

Contemporary style of decorating is constantly evolving and connects with the growing styles and modern things. It’s a wrong assumption many make that contemporary interior design is all about achieving cold and ultra minimalist look. Contemporary designs create an environment of comfort, simplicity, subtly sophisticated and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. It’s equally appropriate for work place, stores and home as it showcases the beauty of space rather than things, clean lines and uncomplicated clarity.

Trying to achieve contemporary interior designs, it’s important to stick to some basic rules which focus on colour, space, style, neutrals and geometric shapes. Contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh.

Use of colour     

When we talk about contemporary interior design the main colours we concentrate are neutrals, black and white. If the walls are of neutral colour then the accessories can be bright or can make use of antic pieces and vice versa works well to. Black defines the contemporary style room and palette is often punched up and accented with bright and bold colour. For classy contemporary look you can go for crisp white and grey with metallic finish.

Line and space   

As we already spoke the important focus is space and design in line. Replace the empty walls with few hangings which would go with the wall colour, make sure they not to crowded and keep enough spacing. To draw attention the structural elements can either be painted bold with contrasting colours or diminish importance by blending them with walls.

Let it light 

We all know that lighting plays a key role. This is actually the final step and should pay attention to natural lights. Use plenty of lightings throughout the room so that it doesn’t look to dark. Windowed walls are necessary to bring in lots of natural light and air. Making use of spotlights and enhancing the painting, poster or painting can draw eyes.

Art works and Accessories

When you have enough space or a particular place looks to empty, you can just add on accessories. You can probably go with art works such as wooden carvings or metallic finishes. At the same time do not crowd a single place with many, probably just one or two would do well. In case you got many frames, you can hang them close together so they give the feeling of one large piece instead of many small pieces.

Interiors that redefine comfort and style

There was a time when people referred to interiors with the artistic taste of the woman of the house. Over time, it became more about mirroring a lifestyle and keeping up with the trend. No doubt, in that bargain we got some very good interior designs for our homes. But it is the day and age where it is more about comfort and style in the right blend. It can be a simple bachelor pad which is not only comfortable for the person living in but also speaks of a classic sense of style or displays the urban lifestyle of a workaholic man.

With all the new designs for each season, most of us love our houses, bachelor pads, apartments, condos to look stylish in every season be it summer, winter or monsoon. But as a working girl, as much as I would love my house to look meticulously stylish, my concern would be more on, will I be able to maintain it with my busy schedule. None of us would want to spend consistently on cleaning and maintenance.

To keep all these concerns as a priority I did find myself looking into some basic yet interesting new designs of wardrobe for my bedroom and cabinets for my kitchen. Basically, it was the simple new rug in my living room and the new set of cushion covers that are good to make a style statement all year round but also give my room a whole new look and feel within the budget.

So, if you are looking to style up your home and have comfort, budget and style as the outline of this change then remember, it’s these small, stylish changes that can make your house feel like home. Simple designs always tend to redefine comfort and style.