Simple Design Tricks For Your Home

Posted by Flapto on April 28, 2018
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Designing your home can be a simple process. All you need is simple but important ingredients. No, it is not designer labels, it is definitely not heavy on your pocket. It is as simple as having the right amount of creativity, and the openness to ideas. We often tend to think that only those who have been to designer schools can have good taste. True but not entirely, the biggest misconception is that every designer
This summer, if you have decided to invest in a holiday but at the same time would like to indulge in some changes to your home interiors. Then, why not invest in some DIY activity. This is a great way to keep the kids at home occupied as well during the hot, sunny afternoons. It will not only tap into their talent of art, painting and creativity but at the same time give a good
It’s not just the 4 walls of the house that makes it your home. It is the atmosphere and ambience you create within those walls the energy, the environment that dwells in your heart. While, having the architectural position of the main door, the kitchen window, the locker location properly placed as per “vaastu”. The new generation, is not about the rules and regulations of religious beliefs (no offense to those who believe and follow)
After a long day at work, I am in a rush to get home and relax. But the traffic in the city is only adding to the irritation. At times like that all I can think of is little effort to a good scrumptious comfort food. While trying to keep myself calm and in an effort to distract myself with thoughts of the tadka to my taste of comfort food. I pull in the drive
There was a time when people referred to interiors with the artistic taste of the woman of the house. Over time, it became more about mirroring a lifestyle and keeping up with the trend. No doubt, in that bargain we got some very good interior designs for our homes. But it is the day and age where it is more about comfort and style in the right blend. It can be a simple bachelor pad