Things your designer must know about your bedroom

Thinking of designing your place based on your choices/wish?? The reason can be many, probably not satisfied with the current designs of your room or it’s become boring with time. Everyone concentrates on how to make the living room look better, while on the other hand designing the bedroom also becomes very important.

If you have no idea of how it has to be done, one can always hire a designer and tell them about the way it should be. When you designing the bedroom with help of a designer, they will focus on prior areas of project such as   circulation, furniture arrangement, lightings, location of windows for enough ventilation and views

  • Make a wish list: It’s important that you make a list of everything you want and the way you want it to be, that would make it easier for the designer to know what you looking for. The list can include things like the room colour, lightings, photos, mirror and so on and you can also try fitting in some small furniture’s like an armchair. If you’re a fan of antic pieces, you could add that to.
  • Priorities: Your wish list might contain a lot of things; obvious that you can’t fit in everything. In such a situation, go with your budget. The budget planning has to be done in the beginning along with designer.
  • Furniture and fittings: When we talk about bedroom furniture’s, we all know that bed is must and we have to work on the rest. Night stand, enough lighting, a study table, arm chairs and vase these are few things which you could use. Placing them in the right place where they fit in the room.
  • Style: Who doesn’t want to live in a stylish place? Remember that bed being the main furniture of the room, bedding should be a dominant feature, you can opt a designer one. The bedspreads, curtains, carpets, pillows etc are small things, yet create a large difference.