Simple Design Tricks For Your Home

Designing your home can be a simple process. All you need is simple but important ingredients. No, it is not designer labels, it is definitely not heavy on your pocket. It is as simple as having the right amount of creativity, and the openness to ideas. We often tend to think that only those who have been to designer schools can have good taste. True but not entirely, the biggest misconception is that every designer follows a rule book and creative book to learn from. That is not true. There is no specific rule that one follows or a do’s and don’t law against designing.

So, let’s begin with the simple tricks that can make any house feel like home.

  1. Not every furniture has to be brand new:

Sometimes, the best and attractive part of a living room, dining room or bedroom can be the combination of vintage with the latest furniture. It is that combination that makes it stand beautifully in a comfortable, cozy and stylish look.

  1. Less is More:

We have often come across this statement that less is more. It is not necessary that the room has to be filled with furniture, decorative items and portraits. No, sometimes the space in room to manoeuvre is more appealing than a full looking room. Having more space and limited decorative items and furniture can also be easy and good on your wallet.

  1. Colors of your Wall do matter:

It’s simple to know that a particular color in the showroom or on the wall of your friend’s house looked better than yours. It was not because you choose the wrong shade but simply because the lighting in that place is different from the lighting in your house. So, choose a color and shade that works with the lighting in your house. Make sure it blends as a compliment to your furniture and decorative items.

So, try these simple tricks for your home this summer.

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